If you are reading this and looking for support, change, clarity or understanding, you have already made a huge step, well done for getting this far.

I am here to provide a quiet, peaceful space for you to explore anything that you wish. We all make mistakes and have thoughts and feelings that can be confusing and challenging, and I will not make any judgements about you or anything you tell me. I'll simply be here with you, guiding you to a better understanding of yourself and your thoughts.

The information below is a brief overview, so please feel free to contact me for a free, confidential discussion to the process of counselling. You will be under no pressure to take your enquiry any further. 

How I work

Working from a Person Centred model of counselling means that I will focus our time on getting to know you. I will help you identify what problems you are having, and support you to make the changes you want, if and when you are ready. I know that for some people a few sessions can give them the space and time to overcome difficult thoughts and feelings and feel they can carry on as normal. For others, things may take a little longer and need long-term, ongoing sessions. My aim will be to help you feel able to deal with your thoughts and feelings without my support, so that we can end our time together when you feel the time is right for you.

You can use our time together however you would like, you can bring your thoughts, dreams, pictures, items of personal importance or even come and sit in silence. 

I work within the boundaries of a contract discussed with each client before counselling begins. 

I have experience and/or training in:

  • Counselling people with Attention Disorders (ADHD/ADD) and autistic spectrum and Aspergers’ syndrome (ASD)

  • REBT, CBT working with Anxiety

  • Art therapy techniques

  • Grief and loss

  • Mental health

  • Family problems

  • Relationships

  • Terminal illness of a loved one

  • Safeguarding

I am a member of the National Counselling Society (NCS), one of the UK’s leading Counselling registered bodies. I work within the NCS Code of Ethics, this defines how I work with clients to their benefit whilst protecting them and others from harm. The full ethical framework can be read here:

Sessions and fees

My standard session consists of 50 minutes of time together. During our time together, I will give my undivided attention, experience and knowledge.

My standard charges are:

£45 per session

Negotiable rates for work within a school setting


I understand that individual situations vary and so I offer reduced rates for those with a reduced income, self-supporting students, or for young people who receive free school meals. Please call me to discuss this further and I would be happy to explore your circumstances to find a fair rate. Please don't let cost stop you accessing the support you need. 


Unfortunately, due to recent Government rules on the support processes for adoption, it is illegal for counsellors to support adopted young people, or adoptive families, on issues around adoption unless they are specifically trained for this.

Please let me know if this might be the case with your situation, and we can explore if I can work with you, or support you to make a referral to appropriate support services. If you disclose to me, after we have started work together, that adoption is a major factor we will discuss the options so we can plan to end our work together, whilst making sure you are able to access appropriate support.

I hold a current DBS.