I practice in South Lincolnshire, Stamford, Bourne, Market Deeping, Peterborough, Rutland, East Leicestershire and surrounding areas. In order to protect client privacy, I only share specific locations once we have agreed to meet. 

Having worked as a counsellor within a number of secondary schools in the area, I have found that most are more than happy to allow the space and time for pupils to be supported within their school setting, whether during lesson time or after school. 

Phone sessions

Telephone sessions are rarely as effective as face-to-face contact as so much communication is non-verbal. I do, however, understand that for many reasons, including anxiety, proximity and travel difficulties, telephone sessions can be the only option.

Telephone parenting support sessions can been very effective, particularly when used in conjunction with face-to-face session. This can greatly reduce cost and make sessions more flexible for busy families.


You can contact me by calling and leaving a message on 01780 755869 or emailing me at enquiries@kemptherapy.co.uk .

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